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All our sheds are treated, delivered & installed for free!

Summer Houses

If you’re looking for a summerhouse or garden building that you can use as a home office, area of relaxation, or somewhere special to entertain friends, then look no further, as No 1 Discount Shed Factory in Liverpool supplies and installs a wide range of summerhouses, along with, garden buildings, and even kids’ playhouses. All sheds are roof dimensions we are now metric floors are 4″ shorter windows are 18″ x 24″, if we erect your building, please have a solid base ready ( service available )

Below you will find more information about our playhouses, garden buildings, and summerhouses, including sizes and prices, and we’re sure you’ll find the right one for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we provide free delivery within our delivery area. We also offer free professional installation to ensure your shed is correctly set up and ready to use.

Delivery and installation times can vary based on factors like the type of shed, current demand, and your location. We will provide you with an estimated timeframe when you place your order.

Site preparation typically involves ensuring a level and stable foundation, clearing any debris or vegetation, and providing adequate access for our installation team. We can provide detailed guidelines for site preparation after your order